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Improve your business with enhanced clarity.

If you want to know your business trends, sales revenue & forecast, etc.- your search ends here with customized business intelligence tool which can enhance your business decision making capability.

Business Intelligence Dashboard is the key decision making tool for the CEO, Directors and Managers in a company.

We offer you customized, sexy dashboards according to your specified KPI's.



Securely and easily source your dashboards from any live data connection to any back-end system. Then share insightful visualizations live via Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe flex, the Web, With SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards you can:

  • Experience unparalleled interactivity.
  • Track operations with interactive real-time ready dashboards for every user.
  • Share interactive insights across your business ecosystem with any and all users.
  • Optimize successful decision making with scenario planning using "what-if" analysis capabilities.
  • Gain highly appropriate & customized flexibility as per your KPIs.
  • Visualize any operational and analytical information assets with direct connectivity to other live data sources.
  • Embed and interact with dashboards within portals, reports, presentations, and PDFs.
  • Extend dashboards to include any custom visualization components using Software Development Kit (SDK/Devkit).
  • Get inspirational dashboards as per your design specification.
  • Leverage a library of commonly used visualization components to help users unmask the complexity of the data.
  • We can provide simple or extraordinary dashboards with drag-and-drop and free-form design.
  • Use pre-built templates and samples to expedite dashboard design and deployment.



Dashboard extends the power of business intelligence to more users by offering visual simplicity with interactive gauges, charts and widgets. Drop-down menus and sliders make it easy to present complex business data clearly, giving your decision makers an easy way to interact with data and test out future business scenarios with the click of a mouse. All dashboards can be built leveraging the BI assets in place – from BI platform security, administration, and life-cycle management to the semantic layer.

With Dashboards, you can reap benefits such as:

  • Ability to make informed decisions faster using an interactive dashboard with connection to streaming real-time data feeds
  • Alignment with employees and business partners on meeting company goals via one visual version of the truth
  • Cost and time savings thanks to the ability to work directly with any data source
  • Faster sharing of key operational metrics with multiple output formats
  • Flexibility to build, deploy and re-use your own visualization components using the SDK
  • Improved user adoption of dashboards because of user-friendly visualizations
  • Time and effort saved in using one dashboard design tool that can be used by IT and other business users
  • Scale to users inside and outside an organization


Dashboard Examples: 

Supermarket Dashboard

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