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DEMETER IT SOLUTIONS, combines in-depth industry expertise with broad technology capabilities to offer a comprehensive array of services to develop and deploy enterprise software to customers.

If you are a company where speed-to-market is key, and where creating new revenue opportunities or reducing costs for your business is priority number one, then forming a relationship with DEMETER IT SOLUTIONS should be considered an essential part of your corporate growth strategy.

At DEMETER IT SOLUTIONS, our dedication to the successful and timely completion of software development projects makes us an ideal choice to help maintain your competitiveness in the market.

  • Service Portfolio:







    Target Business Segments:

    •Corporate Sector


    •Health and Pharmaceuticals

    •Manufacturing, Architecture, Production

    •Sales and Marketing

    •Schools and Universities

    •Transport (Rail, Road, Sea and Air)

    •Software and Hardware companies


    •Automotive Industries



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